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Expertise at the highest level and friendliness that comes from within.

Jürgen Weiss - Inhaber
Jürgen Weiss

Managing director
E-Mail: j.weiss@jw-i.de

As a trained draftsman and graduate construction technician, Jürgen founded the company nearly 30 years ago and has brought it to its present size together with his wife and son. He mainly looks after existing customers and advises in the construction sector. He spends his free time on his favourite island Tenerife or playing golf and playing tennis.
Felix Weiss - Verkaufsleiter
Felix Weiss

Managing director
E-Mail: f.weiss@jw-i.de

Felix is responsible for corporate strategy and marketing. After leaving school and a 9 month stay in South America, he completed his training as a real estate agent. He then studied Business Administration in Barcelona and is currently working part-time as a property economist at IREBS. In his free time, he is often to be found on the golf course and tennis court at home or travelling to his second home which is Spain.
Nadine Gehrmann - Verkaufsleiterin Klein Borstel
Nadine Gehrmann

Sales manager Klein Borstel
E-Mail: n.gehrmann@jw-i.de

Nadine has lived in Klein Borstel since 2005 and manages the branch there. Previously, she gained extensive experience in real estate as a graduate architect and has acquired outstanding expert knowledge. In her free time Nadine is a sports-loving mother of three children and can often be found playing handball and football as well as in the city district of Klein Borstel.
p.pakulat - Verkaufsleiter Fuhlsbüttel
Peter Pakulat

Sales manager Fuhlsbüttel
E-Mail: p.pakulat@jw-i.de

As a certified real estate agent (DFI) Peter manages the Fuhlbüttler office and is jointly responsible for corporate communication. After studying German philology, he started his career as a copywriter, book author and creative coach until he discovered his love for real estate. Today, this father of three lives in Hummelsbüttel and plays tennis in Aspria.
Christine Jotterand - Verkaufsleiterin Teneriffa
Christine Jotterand

Sales manager Tenerife
E-Mail: c.jotterand@jw-i.es

Originally from Switzerland and living with her family in Spain for the last 22 years, Christine takes care of office management and sales management as the branch manager in Tenerife. Christine can look back on many years of experience in property rentals and is enthusiastic about good books and nature in the Canaries.
Christine Jotterand - Verkaufsleiterin Teneriffa
Teresa Byrne

Sales manager Barcelona
E-Mail: t.byrne@jw-i.es

After 20 years of experience working in the education sector, Teresa decided several years ago to enter the real estate world so that she can draw on extensive training and experience in residential and commercial real estate in Barcelona. Privately, the Baskin likes to travel and enjoy the quality gastronomy and good wine of Catalonia.
Susanne Weiss - Immobilienberaterin
Susanne Weiss

Property consultant
E-Mail: s.weiss@jw-i.de

She is a trained master of horse riding and has worked for over 15 years as a broker in the family business and knows the business in all its aspects. Her focus is on property viewings and new business ventures. Living in Hummelsbüttel, she is a passionate rider and spends a lot of free time with her dog Knut and her horse and also plays golf and tennis.
Melanie Pfaffenthaler - Immobilienberaterin
Melanie Pfaffenthaler

Property consultant
E-Mail: m.pfaffenthaler@jw-i.de

Melanie has lived and worked for many years as a broker in the Langenhorn district. As an interior designer she was able to discover her passion for real estate at an early stage. Today she advises clients with her sense of aesthetics and expertise and develops real estate concepts. As a swimmer you can often meet her with her two children in Elixia.
Peter Graner - Immobilienberater Teneriffa
Peter Graner

Property consultant Tenerife
E-Mail: p.graner@jw-i.es

He grew up in Aschaffenburg and has lived in Tenerife since 2016, is a trained real estate agent and works as a broker on the sunny island of Tenerife. He mainly deals with the acquisition and sale of the current property portfolio. Peter enjoys hiking, relaxing evenings with friends and above all his dream job as a real estate agent.
Peter Graner - Immobilienberater Teneriffa
Sabine Reykowksi

Property consultant Tenerife
E-Mail: s.reykowski@jw-i.es

Before moving to Tenerife in 2017, Sabine lived with her husband and two daughters in beautiful Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia. For 30 years she worked as a broker for financing and real estate in the family business and now supports the team of Jürgen Weiss Real Estate in Tenerife. Privately she loves photography, cooking and of course her work.
Peter Graner - Immobilienberater Teneriffa
Julia Reykowski

Property consultant Tenerife
E-Mail: j.reykowski@jw-i.es

Before moving to Tenerife in 2017, Julia lived in Gevelsberg Nordrein-Westfalen. After completing her apprenticeship in finance and insurance, she specializes in real estate and financing. She supports the Jürgen Weiss real estate team in Tenerife in terms of sales, office management and IT. Privately, Julia takes care of her dog Chico, whom she has brought from the animal shelter in La Laguna.
Maj-Britt Pöhlsen - Auszubildende
Maj-Britt Pöhlsen

E-Mail: m.poehlsen@jw-i.de

Maj-Britt grew up in Poppenbüttel and is currently in the last months of her training as a real estate agent. She completed her general technical college degree three years ago. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, spending her time with family and friends or travelling to European trend cities like Milan or Amsterdam.
Lukas Bogdanski - Auszubildender
Lukas Bogdanski

E-Mail: l.bogdanski@jw-i.de

Lukas grew up in Flensburg and lives in the heart of Winterhude. He is currently in the last year of his training as a real estate agent and is already considered to have real broker talent. He completed his general technical college degree three years ago. After his year abroad in Australia, he now mainly likes to travel on holiday to European cities.
Jenin Madesta - Auszubildende
Jenin Madesta

E-Mail: j.madesta@jw-i.de

Jenin grew up in the Lüneburger Heide and currently lives in Hamburg Horn. After completing her general university entrance qualification, she is currently studying business administration in the fourth semester in the dual study program with a focus on property management. She supports the Jürgen Weiss Inmobiliaria team in all real estate matters and likes to go to concerts in her free time.
Michelle Roggow - Auszubildende
Michelle Roggow

E-Mail: m.roggow@jw-i.de

Michelle grew up in tranquil Ganderkesee near Bremen, then moved to the million-strong city of Hamburg a year ago, where she is currently completing her dual degree in Business administration with a focus on property management. She lives in Hummelsbüttel and goes to the gym in her free time or goes for walks with her dog on the banks of the Alster.
Bastian Pakulat
Bastian Pakulat

E-Mail: b.pakulat@jw-i.de

Bastian takes care of the design of flyers, advertisements, banners, etc. as a graphic designer. He completed his study of psychology with a bachelor's degree, is a specialist in visual matters and is a walking film encyclopaedia. Bastian lives with his brother in St. Georg when he is not reading books or on the move with his camera.
Christine Matz - Teamassistenz
Christine Matz

Team assistance
E-Mail: c.matz@jw-i.de

As team assistance, the trained pharmaceutical technical assistant is responsible for the organisation of meetings, events and internal quality assurance. Christine grew up in the Alstertal valley and has been living with her family in Fuhlsbüttel for a long time. She has a flair for beautiful things, her passion is especially the creation and design of living spaces.
Christine Matz - Teamassistenz
Claudia Baumann

Team assistance Tenerife
E-Mail: c.baumann@jw-i.es

Claudia has lived and worked in Tenerife for many years and brings with her many different experiences in the sale, rental and management of real estate. In her free time, she enjoys the many beautiful sites that Tenerife has to offer - scenic, climatic and culinary. And if she does not care about real estate, she goes on trips or beautifies her own home.
Milena Filogamo - Backoffice
Milena Filogamo

Back office
E-Mail: info@jw-i.de

Milena takes care of answering inquiries, researching the market and arranging viewing appointments as an experienced back office person. In addition, she supports the Jürgen Weiss Inmobiliaria team with customer service. She grew up in the green Alstertal valley and is considered to be an ambitious, extraordinarily successful golfer.
Karin Schomann
Karin Schomann

E-Mail: k.schomann@jw-i.de

Trained in business studies in the land and housing sector, Karin takes care of the bookkeeping and the personnel and administrative matters of Jürgen Weiss Inmobiliaria. She lives in the Hamburg district of Hummelsbüttel, enjoys spending her free time with her children and grandchildren, devours books and loves to look after her beautiful garden.

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