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Because your property deserves an expert.

If you need to repair the heating system you would contract a specialist. Plumbing work can only be done by a specialist. If you want to sell your property, for example your house, where you have invested a great deal of effort and money, you should also take this significant step with an expert by your side. As real estate agents for Hamburg, Spain and Croatia, we are well rooted in the local markets, we can assess the current value of your property precisely and therefore are able to offer you the best basis for a swift and successful sales process. In the sales negotiations, we take over the decisive intermediary function for you in order to achieve the most realistic price for you.

Take a breath and sell without stress.

No matter for what reason you want to sell your property - we guarantee stress-free and uncomplicated marketing. We take care of the compilation of all documents required for a sale and create a realistic valuation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that the sale of a property means much more than just the sale of square metres. Your emotional attachment to your house can be a problem for you when evaluating your property, especially in the case of defects. Therefore, we also discuss renovation options with you that may be small but can increase the selling price.

Details of Your Property

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How do I best reach which target group?

When selling your property, we guarantee an accurate target group placement on the market. We work together with professional photographers, who will portray your property beneficially. Our marketing experts use the images to create a meaningful sales information dossier that clearly describes your property and integrates the information required by law. We know on which online portals or in which print media the advertisement should be published. Thanks to our well founded market knowledge, we recommend a tailor-made strategy for you which will enable us to sell your property promptly.

Whether Hamburg, Spain or Croatia - the main thing is the experience!

Our expertise does not only include the special features of the market in the Greater Hamburg area. We are also very familiar with the property market in Croatia and Spain, Tenerife, Mallorca, Barcelona, Marbella and the Costa Blanca. Talk to us if you want to sell your Spanish oder Croatian property and/or look for alternatives.

Should I sell my property privately or through an estate agent?

In principle, there is no obligation in Germany to have a property sold through an estate agent. However, the effort involved is considerable and involves a lot of time and nerves. Within the scope of legal requirements, a real estate agent receives a broker commission, the amount of which is notified in advance and is a percentage based on the sales price. All services are included in this price: Starting with the creation of a professional sales information dossier, obtaining all necessary documents and the organisation of viewing appointments and presentations right up to appointments with the notary and the authorities.

In addition, you benefit from a broad network of interested parties through which we reach customers directly. In addition, we take care of a professional contract that guarantees punctual payment. Another important aspect is the valuation, which ensures you the best possible sales price and takes into account the latest market data. It is therefore advisable to contract an estate agent to sell your property.

Should I sell or rent my property?

Mostly, apartments are the properties that are interesting for rent. Due to the high demand in the property market, however, more and more interested parties are thinking about renting an entire house. Since the amount of the total rent is related to the square metres involved, the rental of a house can mean a much higher financial cost. The apartment market offers a broad segment, mostly comprising properties between 25 and 120 square metres. An average terraced house has a living area of around 160 square metres plus the corresponding outside areas. Landlords of a house must therefore be as flexible as possible in determining the rent and must also consider the local situation. However, houses and apartments are also worthwhile as an investment. In the long term, rentals generate secure earnings, but those who want to fulfil their dreams in the short term, can generate the necessary capital by selling.

When is the best time for a property sale?

The developments of recent years show a clear trend: Land, houses and apartments are recording increasing value growth, which is mainly due to high demand. Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany, meaning that owners can expect further growth rates. If a property is currently not lived in, it should not be used for speculation, as vacant properties also incur costs. Taxes, insurance as well as the expenditure of maintaining the building and land are to be taken into consideration. In addition, there are fees for electricity, water and heating, so that the existing technical installations remain intact. If these costs are compared with the anticipated profit when selling later, then the result would soon be a minus yield. Therefore, timely action is better than speculation on rising values. Once you have decided to sell, it is advisable to contract a well known estate agent in order to promote the sale successfully.

How long does it take to sell a property?

That depends on the individual case. The time span ranges from a few weeks to several months. Of course, price, type of property and location play an important role. Properties in the countryside have a smaller interest group than residential and commercial properties in the inner-city area.

There are several factors that discourage potential customers from buying. For example, if the structural condition does not meet the expectations or if certain circumstances are concealed. The more accurately the price is adjusted according to current market conditions, the higher the prospects of a successful quick sale. If customers feel well advised and informed about all important details, this also favours the purchase decision.

What to do if a property belongs to several people but one of them does not want to sell?

It may be the case with inherited property that parts of a community of heirs do not want to sell their share. A similar problem occurs with separations. In principle, it is recommended that a judicial dispute should be avoided in both scenarios, otherwise immense additional costs may be incurred. First, try to convince them with your own arguments and listen to other opinions.

Such disputes are often about money. While some prefer a quick sale, others prefer to speculate with a view to obtaining the biggest possible profit margins. Even if one party does not want to sell, the others still have a way to move the sale along. Here, the procedure could involve a publicly appointed, sworn expert, who offers mediation. This method is an advisable step if no agreement can be reached and the case should not go to court.

What documents are needed when selling a property?

The Land Registry excerpt must clearly identify the seller as the owner of a property so that the sales process can begin. The document also contains information on mortgages and usufructuary rights. If you have recently inherited a property, the official certificate of inheritance is essential. In Germany, it is now also mandatory to present an energy certificate.

The bureaucratic system can also provide some hurdles for owners when requesting documents that no longer exist. Owners should therefore always have all important documents about the house, a family book or testamentary dispositions ready in order to respond to requests of the competent district court.

We take care of all the details.

Even though the signs on the property markets at the moment are consistently good - selling a property requires a lot of time. We take over for you the answering of all prospective customer inquiries, making appointments and of course conducting all viewing appointments. We do not want you to find just any buyer, rather the right buyer for you.

Satisfaction after signing.

Should there be any misunderstandings in the final sales negotiations, we will find a compromise solution that is often not possible in the direct confrontation between seller and buyer. We will only have done everything right if both sides sign the purchase contract with a good feeling.


For more information contact us at the email address info@jw-i.de

By submitting this form, I confirm that I have taken the Privacy Policy into account. The data entered here will be stored and processed to respond to the request and subsequently deleted, provided no other data protection basis exists for further processing.