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We show our appreciation for your recommendation.

Do you know someone in your circle of friends, acquaintances or neighbours who is thinking about selling their property? Then let us know, it’s worth it! Regardless of whether it is a property in Hamburg or Spain , we show our appreciation for your recommendation, therefore, in the case of a successful sale of the property you will receive an attractive share of the commission as a reward.

What steps do you need to take to receive a referral bonus?

Would you like to recommend a property or a plot to us? Then contact us either by the Contact form , by phone or by email. We are entirely at your disposal to accept your recommendation and to assist the owner professionally and reliably in their intended sale. Of course, your anonymity shall be preserved if you so desire.

If you would like, please arrange a personal discussion on the subject of referral bonuses with our numerous contact options in order to receive further details - we look forward to a referral from you!

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