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Where do you feel most at home in Hamburg and the surrounding area?

Find your new home in the beautiful North

The port city of Hamburg is large, well known and many-sided and is an area that instils a sense of well-being. Buying real estate in Hamburg is a forward-thinking action. Whether you are looking for a house or an apartment, every area has an idyllic spot in which real estate can be bought. Hamburg is very diverse; there is the lively city centre on the one hand and quieter districts and attractive peripheral areas on the other. We will find your dream house with you.

Hamburg and the surrounding area


Lying in the north of Hamburg, Alstertal connects the districts of Poppenbüttel, Hummelsbüttel, Wellingsbüttel and Sasel. Alstertal is characterised by its many small tributaries to the Alster. With its popular Alster hiking trail and numerous nature reserves it promises idyllic living. The area is quiet and familial - both young families and older generations value life in the most beautiful natural surroundings, yet close to the city. Many kindergartens and well respected schools, such as the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium, the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gymnasium or the Gymnasium Oberalster offer optimum educational facilities. Sport and leisure activities are offered by the MeridianSpa Alstertal, the Aspria Alstertal and many football, tennis, golf, hockey and riding clubs. The most well known of these include Treudelberg Golf Club and the hockey clubs, UHC and Klipper THC.


The districts of Volksdorf, Bergstedt, Duvenstedt, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt and Wohldorf-Ohlstedt are known as the Walddörfer and represent the most northern districts of Hamburg. Nature, tranquility and sophisticated housing development are characteristic of the forest villages. Various parks, green spaces and nature reserves, such as the Duvenstedter Brook and Wohldorfer Wald make the forest villages a paradise for nature lovers. With their village character, the individual local centres constitute charming meeting places. Volksdorf in particular, with its Weisse Rose square and weekly market that famous throughout the city, provides a unique local centre. The range of educational opportunities - with the Rudolf-Steiner-Schule, the Stadtteilschule Walddörfer, the Walddörfer-Gymnasium, the Gymnasium Buckhorn, the Gymnasium Ohlstedt and other schools - is exceptionally good. The Walddörfer Sportverein, SV Bergstedt and the Golfclub Hamburg-Walddörfer provide diverse opportunities for sports lovers.

Fuhlsbüttel and Langenhorn

The fast-growing districts of Fuhlsbüttel and Langenhorn, that are extremely popular with young families, are impressive for the classic hanseatic building style paired with stylish new buildings. The proximity to the airport and various railway and bus stations, combined with the many hiking trails in Raakmoor or along the Tarpenbek, provide a healthy balance of good transport links and greenfield living. Meeting places such as the Fuhlsbüttel weekly market, the Krohnstieg-Center or the Langenhorner Markt shopping centre, which is currently undergoing expansion, enjoy great popularity.

Rahlstedt and Farmsen-Berne

Adjoining the southern side of the forest villages and the Alstertal, these districts form the eastern edge of the city and constitute a healthy mix of urban infrastructure and numerous green spaces. The building ranges from well-groomed areas of residential apartment buildings to streets consisting purely of detached houses, right through to Wilhelminian/turn of the century and art nouveau villas that, in many parts, shape Rahlstedt’s well-groomed appearance. Various sports clubs, a large indoor swimming pool and popular local centres make both Rahlstedt and Farmsen-Berne popular residential areas of Hamburg. Hamburg’s city centre is about a 30 minute drive away and various bus and tram lines provide good public transport connections.

Western Alster region

The centrally located districts of Rotherbaum, Harvestehude and Eppendorf appeal for their direct proximity to the Alster and the city centre. The bank of the Alster is an inviting place for romantic walks and leisure activities, whilst the neighbourhood is shaped by the magnificent architecture of well-groomed apartment buildings and urban villas. There is a large range of shops selling everyday items, boutiques, doctors, banks, restaurants and bars. Available sporting and leisure activities range from sailing, tennis, football and rowing to prestigious fitness studios and dance schools. Well-known sports clubs and fitness studios in the area include Club an der Alster, HTHC, the Hamburger und Germania Rowing Club, Hamburg Sailing Club and Kaifu-Lodge.

Eastern Alster region

Winterhude, Uhlenhorst, Hohenfelde and St. Georg adjoin the eastern side of the Alster and offer urban living in an idyllic location. The area is shaped by the Alster trails and parks such as the popular Hamburger Stadtpark, combined with stylish older buildings. Alongside shopping streets such as the Mühlenkamp and Winterhuder Marktplatz, popular weekly markets such as the Isemarkt or the weekly waterside Goldbekufer market, provide diverse shopping facilities. There is a choice of all sorts of different types of school, including those of an international and specialist kind. The Aspria Uhlenhorst on Hofweg provides sport and wellness at the highest level; many other sports clubs can be found around the whole of the Alster.

Eimsbüttel and the surrounding area

Centrally located and extremely popular, Eimsbüttel - one of the most densely populated districts of Hamburg - enjoys great popularity, especially amongst young people. Many resident artists, musicians and designers provide Eimsbüttel with its own, unique charm. The neighbourhood is shaped by older buildings, largely tree-lined streets and numerous green spaces, such as the Eimsbüttler Park. The urban location provides perfect transport links, numerous shopping opportunities and a large range of schooling and sporting facilities. Trendy meeting places, such as the Osterstraße, the popular Sternschanze and Kaifu-Lodge are very popular.


As its own district right on the Elbe, Hafencity provides maritime flair combined with top-class architecture. Hafencity is centrally located and, with regard to urban development, is one of the most important ensembles in Europe. It appeals due to its international atmosphere. The Speicherstadt warehouse district, Sandtor harbour, Magellan Terraces and Elbphilharmonie concert hall make the district unique. There is a large range of eating places; famous restaurants such as Coast by East & Enoteca, the VLET, the Chili Club and Kaisers provide for sophisticated indulgence. Links to Hamburg’s city centre are optimal, so that the Jungfernstieg urban promenade and town hall are only a few minutes’ drive away.

Elbe suburbs

The Elbe suburbs include the western districts of Othmarschen, Nienstedten, Blankenese, Iserbrook and Rissen. The Elbe suburbs are distinguished by their numerous green spaces, direct proximity to the Elbe and appealing villas. The romantic Treppenviertel, the extensive Elbe beach and the Elchpark provide unique places to walk. The long Elbchaussee accommodates magnificent architecture with unparalleled plots. Many proprietors describe the view of the Elbe and the passing ships as irreplaceable, while others value the rural co-existence of the individual districts. Sports enthusiasts with high standards will find what they are looking for at the Falkenstein golf club, Blankeneser sailing club or the riding stables in Kloevensteen.


Norderstedt is the fifth largest city in Schleswig-Holstein and one of the most popular residential areas in Hamburg’s so-called Speckguertel. Well-kept local recreation areas and parks, such as the Norderstedt Stadtpark, provide for high-quality and familial living. The range of schools is very good, with different primary and secondary schools and 4 grammar schools. Several shopping facilities, such as the Herold Center and Moorbekpassage, offer a range of shops. Sports enthusiasts can choose between football, hockey, riding, dancing, tennis, volleyball, handball, water sports and other sporting disciplines. Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport is about a 15 minute drive and Hamburg city about a 30 minute drive away.


With almost 21,000 residents, Quickborn is situated north-west of Hamburg between Norderstedt and Henstedt-Ulzburg. Beautiful nature reserves and forests, as well as Himmel moor, make inviting places for long walks. Tennis, riding and golf facilities are within easy reach; the golf courses at Lutzhorn, Gut Kaden and the An der Pinnau golf club are just a few minutes’ drive away. The newly refurbished city centre with its town hall, weekly market, medical centre, railway and AKN stations, pharmacies, primary school, library and banks offers a high degree of residential comfort outside the gates of Hamburg. Hamburg city centre is about a 30 minute drive away. The A7 and A23 motorways provide for an optimum connection between Quickborn and Hamburg airport, as well as the North and Baltic Seas.


Ammersbek is situated to the north east of Hamburg between Ahrensburg and Bargteheide in Schleswig-Holstein and combines modern and historic living in a rural setting. Forests, meadows, nature conservation and aquatic shape the surroundings and offer tranquility and relaxation. Ahrensburg, Bargteheide and Hamburg-Volksdorf are only a few minutes’ drive away and are also within easy reach by HVV, Hamburg’s public transport system. The range of children’s nurseries and primary and secondary schools in Ammersbek and the surrounding communities is large.


Ahrensburg is situated to the north-east of Hamburg in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein and belongs to the metropolitan area of Hamburg. With almost 33,000 inhabitants, the castle town of Ahrensburg is lively and family friendly. The exclusive residential district, with its beautiful avenues and well-kept villas with generous plots, make Ahrensuburg particularly attractive. Ahrensburg offers a large range of shopping facilities, children’s nurseries, schools and sports clubs, as well as proximity to nature. Connections to Hamburg, Lübeck and the Baltic Sea are optimal. Hamburg’s main railway station is only 20 minutes away by HVV.


With 9,000 residents, Großhansdorf is situated in close proximity to Ahrenburg, in the district of Stormarn in Schleswig-Holstein. The landscape is shaped by many forests, lakes and green areas, buildings are predominantly villas and freestanding detached houses. Numerous shops for everyday needs, upmarket gastronomy, doctors, banks, schools and children’s nurseries provide a high standard of living. Connections to the Baltic Sea and Hamburg are optimal; both Timmendorfer beach and Hamburg city centre are only about 30 minutes’ drive away.

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