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Buy or rent your real estate in Hamburg and the surrounding area

If you wish to buy a house or an apartment in Hamburg, you’re in the right place

Buying a house or an apartment is an important decision that requires sound preparation. We would be pleased to support you with this process. In northern Germany, we specialise in real estate in the middle and upper price bands and can offer a large selection of apartments, houses, plots and commercial properties. The city of Hamburg offers beautiful, innovative and economically high-quality districts over an area of more than 755.2 square kilometres. The north of Hamburg in particular is very popular. The region is irresistible for its beautiful districts of Hummelsbüttel, Poppenbüttel, Wellingsbüttel and Sasel, that together build the Alstertal. Also noteworthy are the green Walddörfer of Volksdorf, Bergstedt, Duvenstedt, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt and Wohldorf-Ohlstedt. Round about Hamburg, Großhansdorf and Ahrensburg are well-known for their upmarket residential areas.

Can’t see your dream real estate? Please tell us your exact requirements so that we can also offer you real estate that conforms to your wishes but is not advertised.

16 Results
  • Altbestand
building plot/site
Hamburg - Volksdorf
Property no.31687
Plot area825 m²
548.000 €
  • Vorderansicht
Hamburg - Bramfeld
Property no.31714
Living area70 m²
Number of rooms2,5
198.000 €
  • Außenansicht
Hamburg - Hummelsbüttel
Property no.31713
Living area77 m²
Number of rooms2,5
275.000 €
  • Vorderansicht
Single family house
Hamburg - Wellingsbüttel
Property no.31710
Living area160 m²
Plot area1.000 m²
Rentable area160 m²
Number of rooms7
1.290.000 €
  • Eingang
Single family house
Hamburg - Poppenbüttel
Property no.31717
Living area219 m²
Plot area512 m²
Number of rooms8
630.000 €
  • Beispiel Küche
Hamburg - Hummelsbüttel
Property no.31680
Living area89 m²
Number of rooms3
499.000 €
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