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Standard terms and conditions of business

When instructed to broker a sale, we offer the recipient our services with the respective property and our services as a real estate agent. The content should be treated as confidential, and is only intended for the recipient. Any disclosure to third parties, even in part, requires our written permission. This offer is non-binding and subject to the property being unsold. We cannot guarantee that a property will still be available by the time the sales materials are received.

The information contained in our sales materials was supplied by the seller, or was taken from documents provided to us by the seller. Despite taking great care in compiling such information, we cannot be held liable for its accuracy. An estate agent’s contract takes effect if this offer is agreed upon, that is to say, if the recipient contacts us or the property owner. Our commission must only be paid if a contract relating to the property offered is concluded, whether or not we were involved in the closure of the sales contract. The commission becomes earned and due once the contract is concluded, and must then be paid to us. The recipient agrees to the fact that we also act for the contractual partner.

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